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Living Waters Campground

Beneath Beautiful Roan Mountain and the Appalachian Trail

Open mid-April thru October
Winter storage available
Alcohol free - family friendly
What’s Our Story?

Celebrating 12 Years of Camping Fun!




Charles Wilson begins hauling gravel and river rock from a quarry in Glen Arye.




Charles Wilson purchases the quarry property.




Charles and his wife Juanita relocate their home to the quarry property and begin redeveloping the property into what you see today.




The Wilson’s decide to turn the property into a commercial trout farm and the first trout are brought onto the property.



A developer from Florida purchased 8 boxcars worth of stone for the development of a new project that would come to be known as Epcot® on the Walt Disney World® Property. (Next time your at Epcot® look at the stone wall as you exit the 360 ° film at the Canadian Pavilion, the stone came from our property.)




The Wilson’s parted company with the property for the first time as the property is sold.




The Wilson’s receive the property back after a massive flood damages not only the trout farm but much of the surrounding area.




The Wilson’s parted company with the property for the second time as the property is once again sold.




The Wilson’s receive the property back yet again as the second owner declared bankruptcy and defaulted on the mortgage.




Family decides to not reopen the trout farm and instead opens Living Waters Campground & RV Park.




New office building is constructed on the property.




First camping cabin is constructed on the property. (In 2012, this camping cabin was renamed “Maple Leaf Cabin”)




Due to the continued success of the first camping cabin, a second camping cabin is constructed and named “Pine Cone Cabin.”



On January 20th, Juanita Wilson, co-founder of the original Wilson’s Trout Farm and partner in Living Waters Campground lost her battle with Congestive Heart Failure at the age of 85.



Living Waters Campground reached its first major milestone. A full decade of operation.


Over the last 38 years the property that Living Waters Campground sites on has seen its fair share of changes. Below is a timeline of some of the changes the property has seen since being purchased by the Wilson family in the mid-1970s.

Quarry 1979
Overhead view of lake 1979
Construction of new ponds 1980's
Netting trout 1983
Charles and Juanita Wilson 1987
Customers enjoy paddleboat ride 1980’s
Charles weighing out trout 1990